• Dismantled hand gun, brass, nickel, eye glass lens. 
  • 4.5" x 7.75" x 1" 
  • 2018

Fate is tested by trying to understand how far we can push ourselves till it's over. Death.  We are curious and fascinated by our surroundings, we want to experience all this world has to offer us; the implication of danger caused by others or oneself ends that journey. As Americans, we live in a small population of estimated 325.7 million people, which makes up only five percent of the worlds total population. Our small five percent holds thirty-one percent of the global mass shootings on our home soil. Infliction is forcing a change in perspective, onto the gun holder.  Asking how can one inflict pain upon others when they can not inflict that same pain upon themselves. How can someone end someone else’s journey. 

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