Lifes Value

I explore formats within metalsmithing and functional objects that effected how we interact with various materials and perceive their value. I create this on going body of work to focus on the value of life. With the current climate of loss and political differences in our society, I began creating work that is inspired by different social conditions that I feel strongly about. We test our fate by trying to understand how far we can push ourselves till it’s over. Death. The body of work is driven by the forces of alcohol, weapons, drugs, social ideologies, and cultural differences; changing how we preserve the world, blinding us from the rich value it is to be alive.

In this work, the materials and objects that I see as connected to these subjects are employed. I want to create situations that compel the viewer to interact with the work and understand the material in a different way. By using the relationship to the body, curiosity and tool, I hope to engage the viewer in a sensory experience that shifts their understanding of the materials in the work.

- Dismantled hand gun, silver, brass, acrylic glass, copper - Box: L 8'' x H 2'' x D 4'' - Gun Piece: L 6'' x H 1.5'' x D 1.25'' inches -2019
- Dismantled hand gun, brass, nickel, eye glass lens. - 4.5" x 7.75" x 1" - 2018
6 Steps Series
The six steps to make a change in regards to addiction
Accumulated Loss
- Copper, brass, and bisque ceramic chips soaked in red wine. - 3'7'" - 2018
- Brass, copper, plexiglass, and poppyseeds. - 2.5" x 1" x 2" - 2018
Do You Understand?
ALZA 54mg
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